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tvtag is a social network dedicated to follow you in every movie, book, album or series that you see or hear. Based on that data it gives you achievements and new recommendations to expand your tastes.

tvtag works with a double system: on the one hand you have the check-ins, similar to the of Foursquare, which communicate to everyone what you are seeing, reading or hearing. Its integration with mobile applications and the web is total.

On the other hand, can also vote in tvtag what you like or what not, to which the network recommend movies according to the tastes of other users. Follow the suggestions and check-ins of your contacts is also very simple.

As a reward, tvtag gives you achievements in the form of virtual stickers; logos which show, among other things, the fan you are of your interest in a particular musical genre or a series. Some of these awards can only be achieved please check-in at certain times.

The concept of tvtag game is good, but has areas for improvement, as your messages and suggestions incontinence or the lack of privacy in some sections.

  • Successful recommendations
  • It covers many cultural areas
  • Achievements and badges for your suggestions
  • Integration with mobile applications and extensions
  • Noisy messages and suggestions
  • You subscribe and automatically accept subscriptions
  • Little privacy by default in some sections

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