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Tanki Online reviews


This game is the most good in the world jijijijjiji: is gorgeous this game the first day already SAP i play jajajajajajajjajaajajajja


Okay cool this game online: She is very good this game eee I liked much EEA tanki online is the best tankes online game.


does not load: not charging me in tanki online and only offer thank you asta then friends takman


Perfect.: It is a very good game, especially for its graphics and the way to fight, I really like in my opinion it is a 10, but bad that sometimes I do not go.Is very good anyway.


Perfect.: It is a very good game, especially for its graphics and the way to fight, I really like in my opinion it is a 10, but bad that sometimes I do not go.Is very good anyway.


Game in first person, very addictive for lovers of the battles.: Tanki online is a free, 3D action, multi-player, online game, developed by AlternativaPlatform company. The game takes place in different battle scenarios, usually set in medium cities destroyed by bombing. Combines the dynamics of a shooter in 3D with the dynamism of the game online, in real time. It requires no installation and can be controlled from any personal computer connected to the Internet. The user registration is necessary to participate in the battles of tanks of different characteristics and armament. The game is completely free, but as in all these types of games, there is the possibility to buy upgrades in Exchange for money. You can play alone or be part of a team. It progresses in military degrees that allow access to the best properties of tanks they are buying with diamonds which are obtained in battles or that you buy with your credit card. It is quite addictive.

Señor Invisible

More or less... the truth: It leaves much to be desired. Low quality graphics that resemble a delayed version of nintendo 64, fuzzy and scenarios are interwoven with the view of the character.

hot: I like tanki online that I don't like that the tanke having auto

mariano loco

best graphics: I like a lot but I want to know if there is tanki online 2.0


One of the best online games of history: Tanki oline is an excellent multiplayer game with players 100% real a variety of types of tanks absolutely million battles there are variety of paintings weapons and tanks and much more why it is one of the games most favorites for fans of action and explosions, and best of all is that it must not any vajar program of any type to be used, it is 100% free and accessible your graphics are very good and it has an excellent gameplay.

but I do not like this game is being poor: It is a great game my respects but I tell them that I don't like anything of this game is to be poor and if anyone has a trick for being rich in tanki online that I be not slouch thanks.

tanki caro

not!: my opinion is that everything is expensive!


online game and live with other players, no download: It is a good game especially when you are a high level, when you can have all the weapons and tanks level subudos


best was the tanki online 1.0: I don't like the tanki online 2.0 was better 1.0, now to upgrade a weapon or M3 tank must make a great weveo, soon to have the twins to the M3 only had to be sergeant major and have 500 crystals, now must play 476 days per year and 47 hours a day to get to the M3, also worsened the HP and the speed of the tanks, and the power of some armmas, the only good thing was to improve graphics (is the minimum that I InPort) and the utivilidad of some weapons as the firebird, which now leaves burned but all the other bad bad and very bad D: <


This chidoo: SIII is tabn chidoo haha xD thank you for creating this juegoo xD


Super tank: It is super to take advantage of tanki online 1.0 because at the end of the year it will close the 1.0 and open the new tanki online 2.0


tanki: tankionline is fun to my I like and also play it more than 10,000,000 I persono like and boy in the last level, so juegenloooo is super fun


Yabadabadu!: Okay there is to learn how to use gifts, to last more in the battle

Miguel ÁngelD

I think it is a very good game: It seems to me a very good game only very few people who speak Spanish. Are all Russians XD


para Chrome

0/10 0 reviews

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