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If you are a fan of Nintendo, you will know the famous Super Smash Bros series, that takes its characters to deliver fun and epic battles among them. Super Smash Flash is an amateur version of this title fight.

The limitations of Flash make that Super Smash Flash is designed with sprites, but in return get designs original characters, closer to the titles that saw them born. Voices and music are also extracted from the soundtracks. In this aspect the game is flawless.

However, the problem of Super Smash Flash is in its gameplay. Your character moves erratically and the artificial intelligence of the enemies is absurd, taking you to the victory almost always because your opponent is suicide.

It is a shame that Super Smash Flash do not run of mediocre by these failures, their varied game modes and adding characters from other franchises are great details of a fan-game made with love.

  • Extracted from the original designs and voices
  • Different game modes
  • Multiplayer mode
  • Unbearable control
  • Very poor artificial intelligence
  • Somewhat chaotic fighting

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