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Seafight offers you through your browser the sea breeze, the smell of gunpowder for cannons and the classic song of the Ron, Ron, Ron!

Embark on an adventure and looking for treasures, meets dangerous missions and, as not just with other pirates who seek the same treasures than you.

When you've obtained enough Doubloons, get a Galleon to become the King of pirates and improve it with ten cannons by band and candles that make your ship to furrow the waters at high speed.

Seafight is controlled only with the mouse and offers you a very simple and easy to understand interface. Sail, repair or hire sailors are some of the actions that you can perform through your browser.

Graphically, Seafight offers a 2D environment, which stands out for the variety of the Pirate ships that you will see along the ocean ply you with your galeon.

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Seafight reviews

pollito9970: They have only reason is pure pay and that I already do not play this game

Very expensive, : I also thing I played for 2 years, until they started with castles and stuff, should be very careful with such games, because if you do not purchase with real money, not you can advance in the, you spend it repairing your boat for hours and you sink 2 shooting.(scope to spend 200 dollars and I kept sinking) I decided to leave it and my real social life improved

The game seafight only is for people that puts silver.: My opinion is that it is a game aimed at those with silver, which do not put or pennies end up in the shade that if dede who took those accursed designs of payment already in addition can not be anything, if you upload the map 2 you sink two shots, if you stay down, not prosperous, and every time there are less playersat its inception it was a cool game, but then went to the crap and now is not worth even sign up for that if you don't put silver, rest assured that you do not prosperaras.

Good: It is the best game seen pirates, eh but not anymore or modernizen much giving pena, epro this cool game, and so I it would put in a good place


Seafight: I I played that game for 2 years without putting even 1 cent, the game was very good when I got full fast, 105 special cannons, they left the covers, I hacked the game one began to have a few problems, not entered, need a good pc, went to the elite 21 and is tildo more, I had a very good cuenat, when they left the crystals let it, cannot be I nucnca put 1 cent the people who put silver in 2 months is better than me, me 2-shot hundian so with all the problems that I had the jueog (bug, hackers, etc) let him now ando with a mini elite level 12 with 10 cannons xq me hacked: S, do not interest the support if you lose the account PD: I got many friends in 2 years of game, and it gave me penalty left the set since it is very addictive

Niko !!

got me the premium that free!: as ami gave me the premium gartiiss not be porqe put the game and saw qe me descones ctaba rapid repairing without pay and everything cost less!! and without paying those 50 turkeys jajajaja xD also will gave it to my father and my aunt, but ask to more people and not what had jajjajajajajajajaa xDDDDDDDDDDDDD God don't want to tell you more but I have qe enter at least 100 characters I think qe already this good asta lugo! by the way can descrgar seafinght? porqe if you could download my father would know as hack


a hooked : well I introduced a little am player of seafight since the end of March 2009 took a boat that is full fully I have 5 designs 10 level map 16 elite and a few 12millones of experience, with this I think that I am ready to give an objective view of the game given that have played the game more than 1000 hours. the game itself is very simple to kill bugs and boat, and try to canseguir that your boat is powerful. honestly say that the principle is very boring and thick advice I give from the first day find a clan with Alliance and TEAM SPEAK, seems a bullshit, but is the place you will find people and even friends with whom you spend it you very well. then the following got upload to Max your maximum ship cannons elite and covers not envy nothing to the most great. After this to start the fun at undir attack wars and everything you can ask of a game that is titled seafight, brutals wars can live enemy destroying boats enemies and Islands. Finally say that the game is free if but is certain that he can put his money out at the end gaining but there are methods to get Pearl which is what you buy in the own nautical chart as killing boats making scrolls cojiendo glitters etc etc go for pearls would not have problems, what if it would be interesting for everyone is to buy the premium that are 50 euros but has great advantages repairs more quick buy cheaper, etc etc but if you look at it from the side that any game you questa 60 euros and less than 100 hours you hard because you get bored it if this is 50 euros and are over 1000 hours of diverson not you think it is worth


very expensive: The game is good for anyone who has money is a game that is very expensive, as game is good but it is not free.


Sisi this good: If it is especially good for having a good time with your friends but mother was that not strove much on graphics but if this very entertaining of course we recommend that to start join a clan and recommend much fish from hell and if you can't find it by name search it by the acronym [hwx] I recommend the best way to start note: to join any clan need 50mil gold pieces

never say never

Very good game : Very entertaining, about toodo for children and adolescents, and q is online you can talk with people from argentina, mexico, q to speak your language.



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