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RGB Classic Games is an emulator for MS-DOS gamesonline. With it you can enjoy all those titles, stored on floppy disks and stacked in boxes, they provided us hours and hours of fun.

On the page of RGB Classic Games give you the welcome dozens of games of all times and genres: from adventures such as Alone In The Dark to platforms such as Rayman or Tomb Raider.

To play every single title you have to grant Execute permissions to the component of Java that opens in each page. Once started the game, RGB Classic Games lets you play with the same configuration as the original, by blocking the mouse until you do double right click anywhere.

Technically there is nothing wrong: RGB Classic Games represents all titles with maximum fidelity, although encased in a window and with a frame rate which depends on the performance of the emulator that to be in Java, it seems not very well optimized.

In any case, only by the wide collection of games and demos of all times, worth taking a look at RGB Classic Games and turn it into your particular reference guide for classic games.

  • A huge pile of games and demos
  • Total fidelity to technical level
  • Tabs with information and download links
  • Identical to the original keyboard configuration
  • Little optimized performance
  • It has no full screen mode

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