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Raff.me is a platform for buying and selling of products that abandons the traditional models of ads or auctions to playful concept drawings.

As a participant, you can find products unavailable technology, sports and leisure, new or second hand, that are offered to draw in Raff.me. Through registration and with a share of between 0 and 3 euros, you can qualify for these awards with more possibilities than through traditional draw.

In terms of the possibilities as a seller, whenever you include a sale by lot in Raff.me, you can specify what approximate amount want to win and will generate a number of entries and time to prepare for the competition.

Raff.me also is responsible for, such as application and platform, providing security to draw: If you do not receive your prize, the portal is committed to giving you all the funds raised by non-winning participants.

  • Original sales system
  • Fast time management
  • Methods to prevent and fight fraud
  • Password recovery problems
  • The chances of winning are still low

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