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Qwiki proposes a different way of access to the information that interests you, based on a narrative format and with prominence of the voice and images.

You only have to choose the subject that interests you, the gorillas, for example. In a few moments, Qwiki will offer you a small story with voice, pictures and even videos on those animals. Ditto for monuments, historical figures, nature, etc.

Qwiki is a mixture of Wikipedia and search online and draws on contributions from users. It is very easy to add suggestions, although you have to be registered.

With a large potential, Qwiki is a project attractive, very visual and growth prospects.

  • Content classified by topic
  • Section of
  • Attractive presentation of topics
  • It includes text, video and photos
  • Option to view full screen
  • In development
  • It requires good knowledge of English

Qwiki screenshots and videos

Qwiki reviews


Excellent if you want to learn: Very good if you want to learn more and also if you want to practice English, generally not lost anything with learning a little more


A refreshing and creative option: It is odious comparisons but next to other similar programs Qwiki is class Aparte.Es fast, easy to work, has a good presentation, and its content is a very excellent quality. For now it is what I can say with certainty and honesty since I am not a friend to express something that has not experienced.



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