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NASA Eyes on the Solar System is a browser in interactive 3D in the solar system. With it you can freely navigate the eight major planets, see news and pictures of them and compare its size with other objects. To work, it requires the Unity 3D plugin.

NASA Eyes on the Solar System is as a fly on the spacecraft more quickly and easy to handle ever. A double-click on a planet and the viewer leads you up in a few seconds. In the orbit of each you will see the position of the current probes of NASA, as well as moons, and other objects.

The date and time modifier is an impressive tool of NASA Eyes on the Solar System: move the indicator, the planets and their satellites moving in their orbits as if you were traveling at the time. It should be noted that, how much longer you walk away from the current, slower turns NASA Eyes on the Solar System.

In summary, NASA Eyes on the Solar System is a magnificent astronomical web application. For its high educational value and quality in the simulation, it deserves to be in the Favorites of all astroaficionado self-respecting.

  • 3D simulation of the solar system
  • It is easy to navigate between planets
  • Data and multimedia resources
  • Photographic mode and time travel
  • Low quality textures
  • Unstable to far back in time

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