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LEGO Star Wars: Quest for R2-D2 is a game franchise LEGO Star Wars; a reimagination of the original saga with funny characters of LEGO, in the key of adventure and action.

In LEGO Star Wars: Quest for R2-D2, your goal is to find a small robot whistling through Galactic missions . You can choose different characters to do so: the young but fearless Anakin Skywalker and Asajj Ventress, a dark jedi with two Lightsabers, are the first.

During the phases of LEGO Star Wars: Quest for R2-D2 will cross star cruisers and planets while avoiding obstacles, jumping fighting bots and clone troopers and collect all kinds of blocks to increase your skills and control hidden characters.

The graphics of the game are quite above the expected in a browser, and it is that you LEGO Star Wars: Quest for R2-D2 makes use of the Unity3D engine, so you will need the corresponding plugin . The sounds are faithful to the series, although the soundtrack does not sound as much as we'd like.

Moreover, LEGO Star Wars: Quest for R2-D2 is a predictable game but very entertaining, with amount of missions and possibilities of that re-juegues it with other characters, is one title more than recommended for Star Wars fans of all ages.

  • Good graphics
  • Several characters to choose
  • Collectibles and improvements
  • Many missions
  • Something away soundtrack
  • Little precise control
  • Too easy

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