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KOK.IM - Easy is best, it is a search engine where you can find information and obtain surprising results in a matter of seconds. It is called meta search engine since it uses the technology of three very powerful search engines (Google, Bing and Blekko) creating a list of the best results of each. The main idea is the best results of the three search engines (Google, Bing and Blekko) in one web and not have to use each on their own, KOK.IM has the following characteristics:

Very useful for the user

It is intuitive and easy to use

It's fast and very efficient

Search features

Use KOK.IM is very easy, enter what you need check and press the search button...

KOK.IM has three advanced options which are:




To find out more about the advantages of each of the advanced options or search functions, query by clicking on the following link: help

Technical characteristics

KOK.IM using the following specifications, which helped his development and to be more adaptable to the user according to the navigation device that you want to use (Tablet, PC or Smartphone):

Adaptable web design for the user interface

Object-oriented code

Languages: PHP, HTML5 and CSS3

Characteristic Cluster: Frequency of term and a new experimental technique called Binaclustering...

WEB tools

KOK.IM in addition to being a meta-buscador with advanced, easy and fast search system, also contains a number of web-based tools, which allow you to perform activities anonymously and protect your privacy.

QR code

Encrypt images and text

Navigation anonymity

P2P Online


Anonymous mail...

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