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Jetpack Joyride is the new adventure of Barry Steakfries, a made hero and right will fight evil scientists flying with its propeller machine gun, aiming to travel the greatest distance possible.

It traverses the heavens collecting coins

The propeller machine gun of good Steakfries will serve to fly, avoiding weapons enemy - like electric fields, lasers or missiles guided-while shooting the bad guys. In Jetpack Joyride stage moves without stopping and you must only move up or down the screen.

Jetpack Joyride doesn't end here. You will have to fulfill missions, as reaching such level or perform certain stunts. In addition, you will be collecting coins that allow you to earn upgrades for your weapon. And on stage, you'll find new vehicles such as motorcycles or robots.

Jetpack Joyride offers a purchasing system within the application. You can buy coins to redeem for objects and even buy entire missions.

Addictive over not being able to

The Jetpack Joyride gameplay is excellent and ensures a high level of addiction. Controlling your character is as easy as pressing and keep your finger on the screen to control the flight of Barry. In addition, the emergence of new powers and types of propellers ensure that you want to always continue to play "a little more".

Jetpack Joyride introduces enough incentives to avoid the boredom that often produce such games within a few games. This Jetpack Joyride makes one of the most addictive games we tested.

This version for Windows Phone, is also integrated with Xbox Live, so your points will swell your personal marker.

A style 8 bit that will dazzle

Jetpack Joyride uses the same style as the previous games in Barry Steakfries with a design style 8 bit. You can note the hand of Halfbrick Studios in the graphic aspect of the game.

The soundtrack, in turn, is very successful and accompanies the high pace of the game to perfection.


Jetpack Joyride is one of those essential games. The game goes far beyond being a game of "getting as far as possible" and introduces challenges very fun and challenging. A great game.

  • Addictive
  • Additional vehicles
  • Nice graphics
  • Missions to overcome
  • Integrated with Xbox Live
  • A little short

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