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Google Keep is the Service Google notes. This application for Google Chrome joins the already existing versions for Android and Google Drive.

Take notes while you browse

With Google Keep, can quickly take notes while you browse Internet. The service allows you to save notes in text format and adding images as well as create playlists.

In order to get better organized, you can associate a color code your notes to distinguish them. Once created a note, it syncs with your profile so you can check it anywhere, either from the browser, Google Drive or app for Android.

Especially useful is the search engine of Google Keep, that allows you to search through your notes.

Simplicity above all

This applicationhardly differs from the web version available through Google Drive.

Simplicity is the key to Google Keep. By simply pressing a button you can create notes and with the other buttons you can change the color, insert an image or create a list. It's simple.

What is fair and necessary

Google Kepp has a minimalist first of all. It has few options and it shows, since the interface only shows you what is right and necessary.

Our opinion

Google Keep is a very interesting solution to create notes and be able to access them from anywhere. Admittedly, this application provides no great thing regarding the existing web version via Google Drive, except for the possibility of having the app open in a window apart. That Yes is appreciated.

If you are looking for a system to save notes quickly and agilely, Google Keep is ideal.

  • Very easy to use
  • Practice
  • Sync with Android app
  • What's new on the web version does not offer
  • It does not classify the notes
  • It does not allow to put your dates

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