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Fintonic is a web application where you can consult all your finances, control your income and expenses, see the latest entries and get tips to save. Finished dealing with the tedious website of your bank.

The movements of the Bank were never as interesting

A very important aspect to bring finances day and not end up living under a bridge is to be aware of what is happening with your money. For example, how much you've spent this month on clothes, travel or restaurants, or when they have entered you payroll.

In Fintonic, you can access this information from a very simple way. Anything entering the web already is presented you a chart on your money, income and expenses. On the same page are also various interesting graphicss: your heritage, expenses against income or expenses by category.

The second pillar of Fintonic consists of the categorization of the movements intelligently. For example, a well-known supermarkets brand credit card charges are automatically added to shopping, flights to travel, etc.

In this way, you can check in more detail how your expenses are distributed. The best: If a movement is poorly classified, you can change it and the system will recall it for similar movements.

Yes, you must give the key to your bank

A service with these characteristics would be impossible without access to your bank. Obviously, the need to connect to your bank to receive information from your account and your movements though, as the author insists, does so safely and always with read-only permission. I.e., the vast majority of banks require other additional key to make any operation.

No one likes to give the key to your bank as well because Yes, but in the case of Fintonic, it can be justified. It is a very easy to use service and in which you can combine the finances of several different banks. Very useful, and more even if you bank your bank online don't convince you too.

The operation itself is is quite simple, because it has just only four sections: expenses, movements, diagnosis and opportunities.

A simple way to do something complicated

Fintonic helps you to collect and analyze data from your banks in a way that is easy to understand, even for those who do not have the slightest interest in this field.

Its main virtue is to achieve something as complicated as finance should be reduced to a simple sequence of graphs and categories of expenditure. Just for that it deserves to give him a chance.

  • Wide variety of graphics
  • Compatible with many Spanish banks
  • Apps Android and iOS to see anywhere
  • You need your bank details

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