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In a futuristic world, even the most traditional Warrior has to adapt to the environment. Final Ninja, the stealth of the shinobi and the effectiveness of the cyborg will be your allies against the villains scientists.

Final Ninja is a Flash game that develops in scenarios mechanized, with all kinds of platforms and obstacles. To save them, your character has two great powers: an optical camouflage that prevents you to be seen and a hook that sticks to your ninja stars and allows you to hang and swing.

Graphically, Final Ninja reminds colorful Super Nintendo Games, but enjoys excellent animations and interesting soundtrack. Some visuals, such as rays and transparencies, demonstrate the visual quality of Nitrome.

Colorful, fun, challenging... Do not hesitate: If you want to enjoy one of the most interesting Flash games, go without fear to play Final Ninja.

  • Colorful, colorful and technically well done
  • Precise control with keyboard and mouse
  • Multitude of levels of increasing difficulty
  • It automatically saves your progress
  • The camera sometimes is a little problematic

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