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Drawception is a fun game that will test your creativity, whether drawing or playing in a phrase the drawings of other players.

Each consignment of Drawception begins with a phrase which writes the first player. Randomly, this phrase becomes a second player, who has to convert it into a drawing in less than 10 minutes. Next drawing is reinterpreted as a phrase and so on.

The concept of game, similar to the of the "broken telephone", gives Drawception of two very interesting features: the first is that each game is different, and the second is ensuring that are all surrealists and hilarious.

To give more depth to this simple game, Drawception has a tier system based on votes, Messaging in each game and networks of friends. If you raise sufficient levels you can create your own games with friends or who want.

Gives equal to know you draw or not. With Drawception, your best tool is your imagination.

  • Fun and original game concept
  • It can be very addictive
  • Wonderfully absurd results
  • Elaborate system of levels
  • Low number of simultaneous games

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