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Dillo Hills is a fun browser game that will remind you of one of the major pastimes for mobile: the addictive Tiny Wings. In this case, the animal actor is a friendly armadillo.

The story is very simple: the armadillo of Dillo Hills has envy of birds and want to fly. So nothing better that rolling Hill down and take advantage of the ups and downs to get speed and height. As your flights are longer, your happiness will increase and you will earn more points.

Dillo Hills controls consist of two simple actions: press down to go down and shoot or press up to counter a little gravity. Push yourself on the birds not to touch land and collect crystals to gain speed. Beat the stages and everything will be eaten bread.

Dillo Hills copy the best of Tiny Wings, with a similar style full of colors and the possibility to add improvements and choose other animals. Apart from that, Dillo Hills is as addictive as ever and will become one of your entertainment

  • Four animals to make them fly
  • Colorful and random scenarios
  • Very simple mechanics
  • Shop skills and caps
  • It is not too much challenge

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