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Have you ever wanted to be a Penguin? I also, but with Club Penguin discover that it's more fun than it looks. Choose your look and dive into an amusement park full of games and friends.

A park for penguins

Club Penguin is a virtual children's community created by Disney. It is ideal for the little ones and is guarded so that they can field at ease to mouse.

Access to Club Penguin have the possibility to Configure the appearance of the pinguino-avatar protagonist. By default there are many colors to choose from, which can expand with ornaments if you get a paid account.

Once inside, Club Penguin separates areas within an island of games. Each area is themed and includes various entertainments for one or more players.

Of course, in Club Penguin is also possible to interact with other participants in the chat rooms, with text or by using predefined actions. After making friends, can be added to a calendar to locate them easily.

Affordable interface for children

Club Penguin is designed for children aged ten or less, so its interface is adapted to their language and capabilities. The buttons are large and recognizable and tutorials abound without get bored with long texts.

Within the games, Club Penguin not let doubts of its target audience: both the memory and the ability and intelligence are very simple and with a significant educational component.

Trip to island of colors

Club Penguin is not just a visual wonder. Both scenarios and characters are 2D, there are hardly any animations and games are as simple as hobbies in Flash of a few years ago.

However, we all know the demands of children and Club Penguin meets them: festival of bright colors and fun designs, especially the penguins who teach its best face when they're playing dances and sports.

A fun time for kids

Club Penguin is ideal to keep the kids entertained for a while sporadic. Its shallowness and its control over the content favors having time to time a visit to this fun ice island.

Perhaps a much more elaborate and stimulating visuals be much to ask, but would have improved the set and made Club Penguin the best choice in its category. In any case, an interesting Disney product that deserves to be in your Favorites.

  • Easy to use
  • Several games available
  • Communicate with children around the world
  • Growing community
  • Required parental presence

Club Penguin screenshots and videos

Club Penguin reviews


cool am scio: look I am boy club penguin is the best am Member busquenme as link660


pistols: Download it and play with the costume I put and tner much money and be super partner and be more partner and choose the color I want headphones of shirts and shoes, and have improved guns cooooomo call of duty black ops 2 and call of duty black ops 1


es le mejor juego .........................................................: It is her best game I will play my whole life...

one day the paful but with free pafules and even dino pafuls aya: I think that the pafules have clones for non partners free pafules for all dino asta pafules and accessories for pafuls bed lipies House dish of food and drinks for pafuls or if also the Golden paful and arcoiri for all the Penguin


Pimp: Good game, but not the best. You should add more rooms and more games. It also molarĂ­a that not everything was for partners... But mola game :D


Club penguin is fun: Club pengui is great, cool, fantastic can do what he wants


It is dibertido and also can play: It is dibertido and also you can play also is ensenador megusta and also queles gusten to the boys or girls


It is a game where children play and interact with objects and players.: I have tested club penguin, it is an multiplayer online game where kids take as main characters to the penguins, can play minigames, clothe their penguins brilliantly, play mini-games (which are of the more entertaining according to say) and much more, at the beginning did not have Spanish language, but now in: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and other. As in Spanish now recommend softonic to try to gain unad description. More info: first experimental penguins of rocketsnail, then penguin chat 1 2 and 3 of rocketsnail, then project club penguin Penguin chat 3. Then closed the minigames of rocketsnail and penguin chat 3, page during the first day of club penguin without errors (the end of club penguin BETA) beta, which lasted 1 hour and 45 minutes became the party.


Virtual World: Club Penguin is a virtual world created by Rocketsnail that later became part of Disney Virtual Worlds. It is made especially for kids and has a moderator if someone say bad words. Also you can unlock items online in Club Penguin products. Parents can maximize the use of Club Penguin anadiendoles a membership for access to parties, buy exclusive content for members, and much more...


3724, 6112, 6113 and 9875: I never thought that there was a wonderful world on this site. My children spoke me of Club Penguin and I didn't know what concerned, and at the time of going I discovered that behind the screen, there was a beautiful world not only for my children... but also! for me & quot;.


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