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An invasion of unknown type threatens the integrity of the planet. Your only option to survive? Salir pitando the skyscraper where you are. So begins a match's Canabalt.

Become one of the most widespread web games of recent years, Canabalt has been able to combine a retro section, a spectacular growth and a simple mechanic. A simple button to jump; the more time you press it, the greater the distance in the air. And that's all.

Canabalt aims not to fall and avoid the bombs falling from the sky sporadically. The score is measured in metres traveled and speed will increase as you do not stumble upon obstacles.

Reflexes and nerves of steel are the best weapons to beat your record in Canabalt. Are you willing to pay for your survival?

  • Very simple mechanics
  • Extremely addictive
  • Graphics retro but worked
  • Music according to the action
  • An obstacle more cheat account

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Run, jump, Dodge, don't fall... fun!: Very good game, no doubt de-stressing and addictive. The music makes it even more exciting, however, there are traps out there nothing funny: walls that you can not pass through or very wide ravines. The graphics aren't the big thing, but it doesn't matter. It compensates for the excitement and fun. Similarly, dures, what very de-stressing and fun.


Entertaining...: Entertaining and engaging! No one knows exactly what to find brother-in-law opens the page, but once you start, if you fall once, start another game, and another... :-)


de-stressing!: very funny, apart that entertains you running and jumping at full speed, if it were the end of the world, is what I would do lol...

Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels

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It survives to hilarious and ultra-violent challenges

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Delve into caves filled with treasures

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