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After the calamity, a disastrous cataclysm, the world has splintered into many fragments of Monster-infested. Only the guy, a young warrior, can rebuild it. To do this, you have to build a special artifact under the guidance of the wise man who lives in the Bastion.

That is the argument of Bastion, a magnificent game of action and role in which you will have to move across tens of different environments, fight against all kinds of creatures and improve your weapons and skills. Something unique Bastion is the Narrator voice, describing your exploits as they occur.

Thanks to the superb graphics and a soundtrack of dreamy, bastion you seem to be starring in an interactive story to Zelda-style. Combat, particularly, is carried out with one of the ten available weapons, is complex and is brimming with possibilities.

Considered by many to be one of the best games of the year, Bastion will not surprise you. And if passing game once is not enough you, Bastion puts at your disposal the possibility of starting with the same weapons and skills that you are done again.

  • Amazing graphics to 1080 p resolution
  • Innovative system for dynamic narration
  • More than ten weapons that can be improved
  • High quality soundtrack
  • Refined combat system
  • Only available in English narration

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