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You own a House and don't know how to handle their reservations and availability? AvaiBook is an extremely simple and useful, tool focused on this sector, which also serves as a showcase to make it known.

Create an owner profile on AvaiBook is very easy and will not take you more than a few minutes. With this profile you can register many properties keep in two types of processes: one simple and other more developed, that you especificarás the location and rates by season.

Once you have discharged your properties, guests can make reservations at AvaiBook in two ways: one is through the public website that you can customize, and another by a widget that you can add to your own website. You can also take out the reserves if they arrive by phone, blocking the dates in the AvaiBook Manager and bringing the accounting of payments.

As you can see, AvaiBook optimally host carries the day your business. As a self-management tool is efficient, and accessible from any computer.

  • Control of many aspects of the accommodation
  • Website and booking widget
  • Simple registration and that values the speed
  • No need to hire TPV
  • You can not define more than 3 seasons
  • Little customizable public web design

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