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Abobo completo Big Adventure is a free Flash game that shows tremendous respect and admiration for the 8-bit generation, specifically for the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) games

The protagonist of Abobo completo Big Adventure is the gross Abobo, one of the final bosses of Double Dragon who, by the irony of fate, looks like his son is kidnapped by henchmen thereof that it protected in other games.

Abobo completo Big Adventure is, above all, love for the classic titles. Its technical section is traced to Super Mario Bros., Double Dragon, Megaman or The Legend of Zelda, copying boldly scenarios, characters and sounds. But it does so aware of the tribute, with exquisite taste and bringing the touch current required

The mechanical nor stays anchored in the past: Abobo completo Big Adventure is a pastiche of arcades, platforms and other classic genres, but adds new special attacks, mini-games and achievements to give variety and duration. All this sprinkled with references and bad milk: has anyone seen any time to a game's protagonist devour the head of a child?

Ultimately, Abobo completo Big Adventure is a game that could almost pass for commercial, because it is fun, challenging and fully playable (even with remote control). But it is not, amateur and free... and for our part, indispensable.

  • Constant references to the classics
  • Funny and full of bad milk
  • Fun and varied
  • Full of secrets and achievements
  • Difficulty growing and demanding
  • Compatible with console controls
  • It becomes abnormally complicated
  • Some stages are short

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